Courses in Singapore

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Our Courses

We offers a repertoire of courses in baking, hospitality, cafe management, retail and supply chain management to fulfill the diverse needs of students, school leavers, working adults, home-makers, retirees and budding entrepreneurs.

Courses for 10th Qualified

At the Coffee Shop

Diploma in


(Cafe Operations)

Baker Decorating Cake

Diploma in

Hospitality Management

(Patisserie and Baking)

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Diploma in Patisserie & Baking

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Diploma in Retail and SCM

Courses for 12th Qualified

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Advanced Diploma in Hospitality

(Cafe Management)

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Advanced Diploma in Retail & SCM


Courses for Degree Qualified

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Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality

(Cafe Management)


Post Graduate Diploma in Retail & SCM

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