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Education Loan Facility

Get An Education Loan For Study Abroad Plans:

The benefits of higher studies abroad are almost endless. On the professional front, it gives you access to better jobs and helps you build a bright future for yourself. Studying abroad also helps you grow as a person as you meet new people and experience new cultures. It’s no wonder that more than 750,000 Indian students choose to study abroad every year. And with our education loan for abroad studies, you could be one of them!

However, studying abroad also requires a lot of leg-work. You need to appear for entrance exams, complete the application process, figure out your travel & living requirements, and several other things. Amidst all these formalities, our education loans for abroad studies ensure that you have one less thing to worry about – the finances.

Applying for our study abroad loans is also extremely simple. We have an easy 4-step application process and we also provide doorstep services for added convenience. Our loan experts will handhold you through the entire process, explain all the terms & conditions and even help you with the documentation for your study abroad loan. So, if your dream is to study overseas, let our education loans for abroad studies help you make it a reality.

Loan Process

Faster, Transparent and Hassle Free. These are the benefits that you get when you come to US for an education loan. Our optimized processes ensure you get the required education loan easily and at the right time.

You can apply for a Loan even before you enrol for your course. However, disbursement of the loan will only be done after you have secured a confirmed admission at the reputed/ recognised Institute.

You can apply for an Education Loan before you enrol for your study, however you will need to be fully enrolled before we can make any disbursements for you

Insurance Consultation

While applying for your education loan procedure, kindly ensure the following:

  • Ascertain how much finance you need as Loan.

  • Finalise the course you plan to pursue and the College / Institute you would be studying in.

  • Identify the Co-applicant or Guarantor.

  • Check the documents required to be submitted.

  • Submit the application form duly filled in and complete in all respects.

  • Apply for the Education loan well in advance, to ensure timely disbursement.

We will review your application and verify the information you have provided. Should we need any additional information to complete the study loan procedure, we will get in touch with you.

We assess your education loan based on the information and documents provided. Once your loan application is verified, we will issue our in – principle approval through a Loan Offer letter, outlining the loan amount you qualify for. We will also intimate you about any additional documents that may be required to be submitted prior to disbursement.

On submission of your admission confirmation, we will verify your admission details with the Institute or University; collect details like Course duration and commencement, Fee Schedules, etc.

If all conditions covered in the education loan procedure are met then we will send you an Education Loan Agreement. The agreement will contain the terms and conditions for your review, and the same will need to be signed by you as a token of acceptance. You will be expected to return the signed agreement quickly along with the original or verified copies that are required prior to disbursement of your loan.

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