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Study in Singapore with PAID Internship

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Education in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state and an island nation made up of not just one, but 63 islands. Mainland Singapore is one of the most thickly populated regions in Asia. Singapore is an anglicised form of the name ‘Singapura’, which means the ‘Land of the Lions’.

The contemporary history of Singapore originates with Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles setting up a trading colony for the East India Company in 1819. In 1963, Singapore declared freedom from the British and joined the Malay Federation. In 1965, the country broke apart from the Malay Federation, and since then Singapore’s evolution from an underdeveloped nation to a financial and technological hub has been an inspirational story.

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Why Singapore’s Education System Is the World's Best

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Singapore produces the world’s brightest young people. League tables consistently place Singapore in the top ranks. Higher than many advanced economies like Canada, Switzerland, or even Finland on some measures.

For example, rankings published by the OECD in its Programme for International Student Survey (PISA) have repeatedly placed Singapore in the top-five highly ranked nations in educational outcomes. Singapore was crowned as ‘Number One” in the global rankings, and has frequently outflanked fellow high-performing Asian nations like Japan and Taiwan.

In the educational realm, therefore, Singapore’s education system has proven to be a unquestionable success. Its flourishing economy and business appeal is similarly evident of a well-educated nation.


Singapore predicts becoming a “Global Schoolhouse” offering a diverse and unique mix of educational services in a safe and cosmopolitan environment. It is the leading education hub in Asia. Upon deciding to study in Singapore, a dynamic city rich in contrast and colour you will find a pleasant-sounding blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. Quality private education organizations add further diversity to the nation’s education landscape. Study in Singapore for Indian students will be an cost-effective affair as tuition fees are reasonable and the cost of living is still considerably lower than in many advanced countries. Singapore is reliably acknowledged to be a global business hub with its developed infrastructure, open business policy and political stability.

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