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CILT is the Largest Gold Standard professional body of its kind in the world. It is the most prestigious qualifications for professionals in the Logistics & Transportation industry. Throughout the world in the Transport & Logistics Industry CILT qualifications are recognized as driving leading edge thinking and professionalism.

CILT International
Functional Training and Leadership Program
(Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
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The Program is designed taking in to consideration the need to make candidates employable with perquisite skills. We don’t believe in making our students only masters of the books but rather make our students warriors of the field, in the field of Logistics, SCM and Distribution.

“CILT International – Functional Training and Leadership Program (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)” offers students a live learning experience during the course duration followed by INTERNSHIP.

  • Practical work Experience through the Industrial Attachment.

  • Industrial Attachment - Apprenticeship with Stipend.

  • CILT International Qualification.


  • Placement Support after completion of the Complete Program.

Eligibility – 12th / HSC Pass

Course Objectives

CILT International Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LEVEL 5) is often described as one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage for firms in recent times.

Unlike the compartmentalized manner of efficiency and effectiveness (service) enhancement pursuit in traditional management, Logistics and SCM attempts to further enhance the same at the value chain level through higher focus on coordination and integration among the various partners of the supply chain to provide greater value to the customers.

This course on Logistics and Supply Chain Management is designed as one that is application-based and also attempts to integrate concepts covered in various courses. The pedagogy is a mix of conceptual inputs, model-based analyses, and case studies.

The learning goals are specifically to

  • Understand the fundamentals of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) including its role in an organization and in integrating firms in a supply chain.

  • Understand the various concepts in SCM like coordination, planning for uncertainty, supply contracts, logistics management, outsourcing and procurement management.

  • Apply various analytical methods and tools so that students are able to measure and evaluate various facets of supply chain performance.

  • Understand practices in SCM that differentiate successful firms from others.

  • Understand the challenges in SCM through a real industry project.

Subject Covered

  • Management in Logistics and Transport

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Movement of Goods

  • Warehouse Management

What do Student's get?


About CILT

CILT is the leading international professional body for everyone who works within logistics, supply chain and transport industry.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) supports everyone who plan the roads, drives the trucks, brings in the raw materials, and store the goods safely.

About CILT International Certification

Why take the CILT International Certification?


Professional certification is a process in which an individual proves that he or she has the knowledge, experience, and skills to perform a specific job. The certificate assures employers that the holder is competent and professional. The CILT International Program certifies that individuals have the skills required to be competent and professional logistician.

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Why you need to get trained with us?

CILT International educational qualifications and trainings have been developed strictly to match with the overall standards needed to develop logistics, supply chain and transport professionals across the globe.

Each qualification offered by CILT International has been evaluated against key knowledge areas and skills that need to be demonstrated, and undergo regular assessment from a team of academics and practitioners.

The trainings offered with the course help you satisfy the educational requirements for our Chartered Membership and other Membership levels.


Transport & logistics are key enablers for the world’s economic development, growth and prosperity.

  • How you get to your last stop?

  • how you get your merchandises?

  • How you meet your customer demand?

  • How you do your trade?

As a student, learning with the CILT means, you:


Will be learning about the most up-to-date logistics, supply chain and transport techniques.

best match

Will be able to choose units of study that best match your line of business.

CILT membership

Will be able to use our certificates to progress through CILT membership levels.

worldwide qualification

Will be able to use your qualification worldwide to show your level of knowledge and skill.

Our Achievements

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